Virtueller Rundgang auf dem Campingplatz

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Home On Wheels (1957)

L/S of famous actress, Ms Dora Bryan leaving her house with her poodle Sambo followed by two young men and a young woman. She looks at the sky as if she is checking the weather. Ms Bryan and her entourage walk to a Bedford CA split-screen camper van parked in front of the house. One of the men opens the van door and Ms Bryan is about to get in but she turns around in horror and runs towards the house. M/S of Ms Bryan coming out of the house with the bird cage in her hand – she has almost forgotten her budgerigar Cecil Gibson.

M/S of Ms Bryan as she enters the van. A woman, probably the housekeeper, waves goodbye. L/S of the van moving down the road passing Ms Bryan’s large white house. A housekeeper waves from the side of the road. Ms Bryan loves to spend time in the countryside and this little camper van enables her to do it even if she has to go back to London in time for the show. L/S of the van driving through the countryside. M/S of the inside of the caravan. Ms Bryan and her friend are in the back. M/S of the back of the van – it looks like a living room. Ms Bryan and her companion are sitting comfortably on the sofa.

C/U shot of Ms Bryan’s hands opening Cecil’s cage to pet him. M/S of the van (from the outside) as it stops on the side of the road. The driver (and designer) of the van, Mr Maurice Calthorpe, moves from his seat to the back. He lifts the roof to get “extra 18 inches of headroom”. The van also has a kitchen with modern cooker and hot and cold running water. M/S of Ms Bryan putting the kettle on. Several shots of the space being organised for the tea. Cut to C/U shot of Cecil. M/S of the four of them (and a poodle) having tea – pretty claustrophobic. Men go out to play golf while Ms Bryan stays in the van with a glass in one hand and newspaper in another. Van has a little bathroom as well. M/S of girl’s legs as she gets into the bath tub. C/U shot of a hand taking soap (long red nails, red toenails as well). M/S of the girl’s back as she scrubs her shoulders – not Ms Bryan but the other woman. M/S of the caravan on the road.

The Caravan Club British Caravan Road Rally (1955)

Caravan and Motorhome Club Curator

Highlights of the second Caravan Club British Caravan Road Rally event held at Aintree in May 1955. The film was originally created by Esso Petroleum Co Ltd. and is reproduced by their kind permission.

Original film held at The Caravan Club Collection, National Motor Museum, Beaulieu.

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Caravan Rally (1960)

M/S of two cars pulling caravans driving along a road at Oulton Park, past a sign saying ‘Road Rally, Checkpoint’; they both turn off to the right.
M/S as we see one of them (a twin tone Humber Sceptre) drive across the field to where some men in coats and bobble hats are waiting; the men make notes on clipboards and give directions to the driver. C/U of the driver, Mr Barrett standing at his open car door and using an electric shaver. Commentator says “From all over Britain more than a hundred have driven an average 250 miles through the night to compete in the Sixth road rally organised by the Caravan Club”. M/S of a hill-climbing test; the car (a Ford Consul) pulls the caravan up slowly up the hill; an official drops a flag as it passes. M/Ss of the driving judgement test; on a kind of marked racetrack the driver has to weave in and out of some bollards – bollards are adjusted for the width of each car and caravan (we see a Humber Sceptre taking the test). M/S from inside a control tower looking out onto the testing area and making notes. M/S of a man waving down a flag to start the next contestant; M/Ss of a white Jaguar pulling a caravan in and out of the bollards then of a Rover doing the same; M/S of two young boys watching. M/S of a car and caravan backing into a parking space between two lines of baled hay; M/S of spectators sitting on a grassy bank; M/S from the rear as another car (Wolseley 6/90) and van back into the space, knocking one of the bales of hay; a man walks round to inspect the damage. M/Ss of three cars (two Jaguars and a Mini) and vans in the braking test; smoke is seen coming from the wheels as each car brakes when passing a line on the road. Many caravans can be seen parked on the fields by the side of the road. C/U of a stabiliser being checked; M/S of a man checking the tyre pressure. Commentator says “…they get a thorough workout on the combined acceleration – driving ability – and fast towing tests, over a mile of the Oulton Park course”, as we see a Humber towing a caravan speeding past the camera in M/S; we pan with them as they pass and see a man trying to film it with a cine camera. M/S of the white Jaguar and van racing along the track. M/S as a man walks from the van to the back of a car (Hillman?) and opens up the back; C/U as we see him adjusting the braking testing equipment; M/S as he gets into the driver’s seat of the car and drives off. M/Ss of this car and caravan speeding along, then coming round the corner of the track as a man waves a flag and the car brakes sharply to stop. M/Ss of a girl, Edie Marshall cleaning her Jaguar in the field while three other girls clean a caravan next to it; C/U of Pat Clayton standing on a bucket to clean the roof of the van. M/Ss of numerous cars (including a Citroen) and vans displayed in the Concours d’Elegance “in which points were awarded for design, workmanship, condition, and even the practicality of the outfit”, says commentator. Lots of people milling around; many two-tone cars have caravans in matching colours. M/S of a man in a bobble hat looking in the window of a silver caravan; we can see a silver candelabra on the table inside; C/U of this table laid with glass and silver tableware. C/U of the first prize, a silver model of a figure sitting in a chariot. M/S of the crowd applauding (they all look a bit cold and disinterested!); M/S of the winner being handed the trophy as his photo is taken. M/S of the cars and caravans moving off through the crowds. Note: print used for transfer; neg is incomplete. Nice footage of caravan drivers being put through their paces. FILM ID:105.18 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV. IT’S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES.